A lot of my work requires retouching and editing to some degree; here are some pieces however that showcase just the retouching end by means of before and after..

Before and After

Minor retouching. August 2017.

Minor retouching. January 2017.

Stages of retouching for the image used in my "Nova" poster, the first being the original, the second a minor retouch, and the third a more drastic edit.

Minor retouching. August 2017.

A more drastic creative retouching, involving background editing and dramatic enhancement. May 2016.

Minor product retouching. November 2015.

Very minor touchups. September 2014.

Retouched portrait. August 2017.

Help-Portrait: Retouching Samples

(Help-Portrait is an annual volunteer opportunity that provides people of the community with free professional photos. As a retoucher I was responsible for editing/retouching the photos to the participants preference. These are a few of the before and afters from the February and December events I helped with.)

For more involved retouching, check out the following pages: