Whimsical Illustrations

#CreateArtHistory - Double Illusion

"Double Illusion"

Vector illustration done in Illustrator and Photoshop
Created for #CreateArtHistory
October 2017

Steampunk animal Badge Series

Team badges co-created with designer Sydney Smith for an event

Illustrated Badge Series - Lantern Guilds

"Guild of the Lamplighters" illustrated badge
October 2017

"Order of Firewatchers" illustrated badge
October 2017

"Society of Starburners" illustrated badge
October 2017

Cutesy Dragon

Purple Dragon

Blue Dragon

Green-highlight Dragon

Sepia Dragon

Pink-highlight Dragon


“Stocking Dragon”

Vector illustration
December 2018


Vector illustration
August 2017

"Beyond Here Be Dragons"

Illustration/photo composite
September 2017

"The Balance of Social Media" - type project

May 2015


Pencil Sketch/digital collage
September 2017