About the Artist

AyariStudio (aka Tawni Franzen) is an artist/graphic designer from Southern California with a BA in both Graphic Design and Visual Art. She is passionate for all things artistic and creative; other interests include books, cats, dragons and geekdom, to name a few. As an artist she has experience with many different mediums, including pencil, paint (acrylic, gouache and watercolor), ink, and ceramics; as a graphic designer she has experience in photography and photo compositing, layout, type and digital art/illustration.

Past work includes gallery pieces, public sculptures, murals, illustrations, movie posters, cover artwork and logo/business packets for clients. She enjoys all forms of art, particularly photo-manipulations and hand-illustration, and is currently working on several personal projects.

self portrait 5 2016.jpg

Artist Statement

As an artist and designer I seek to showcase the imagination. My conceptual framework is the fantasy narrative. My work, be it painting, drawing, sculpture, digital, etc. challenges the viewer to push beyond the boundaries of reality and enter the realm of imagination. I work to introduce the viewer to new ways of seeing the subject material of the work.